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Causes Soviet Jews, Zionism, Israel, Peace, Discrimination, Holocaust

Free Soviet Jewry

c. 1980s

I Went to the Summit for Soviet Jews

Are We "The Jews of Silence?"

I Am A Zionist

Zionism: A Badge of Honor

"A Jewish Heart is Not Enough"

United States Holocaust Museum Charter Member

Choose Life-Israel Emergency Fund

We Hear You Israel

Enough: Hebrew Action League

Shalom Means Peace

Pro-Israel Pro-Peace

Israel Wailing Wall

Republicans for Israel

Democrats for Israel

Israel Flag

Sidney Hillman

President of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers, 1914-1946. A close adviser to FDR. When Roosevelt wanted to nominate Truman for Vice President in 1944, he told his staff to "Clear it with Sidney." The statement was later used by Republicans to imply that the Democratic Party was controlled by the unions.

Shalom Chaver

Israeli commemorative button based on President William Jefferson Clinton's eulogy for his colleague and friend, the assassinated Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin. "Shalom Chaver" means "Goodbye, friend."

Jewish Defense League

Hebrew Zionist Button

c. 1980s.

Hazak Armchair Activist

Hazak is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism senior organization. Item is from 2006.

Israel Must Live

c. 1980s

Israeli-Turkish Friendship

Israel and Turkey have a long-standing relationship based on mutual friendship treaties and a shared Jewish-Turk history pre-dating the establishment of Israel and extending back to Ottoman times.

Fight Terror, Support Israel

I Stand With Israel

I Support Israel

Never Again

Never Forget

Holocaust Happened

If Not Now When?

Jewish Peace Star of David

Jewish Worker

Israel-Egypt Peace Mission

Long Live Israel