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Solomon Molcho

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(1500-1532). Self-Proclaimed "Messiah." Born Diogo Pires to Marrano parents. Converted to Judaism. Circumsized himself and became a wandering preacher. Developed a large following in Palestine. Declared that the Messianic kingdom would arrive in 1540. Gained favor of Pope Clement VII, although opposed by prominent Jews. After he proclaimed himself the Messiah, he was imprisoned by Emperor Charles V, sentenced to death, and burned at the stake as a heretic.

Solomon Molcho Signature

Marilyn Monroe

(1926-1962). American actress. Born Norma Jean Mortensen. Known as a sex symbol. Former wife of Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. A convert. Died of drug overdose.

Marilyn Monroe Signature

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore

(1784-1885). British financier, stockbroker, and philanthropist. President, Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1835-1874. Sheriff of London, England, 1837-1838. Noted supporter of Jewish settlements in Palestine and an opponent of slavery in the British Empire.

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore Signature

Pierre Monteux

(1875-1964). French-American conductor. Music Director, Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1919-1924. Music Director, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, 1935-1954. Principal Conductor, London Symphony Orchestra, 1961-1964.

Pierre Monteux Signature

Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

(1856-1946). U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, 1913-1916. Father of Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

Henry Morgenthau, Sr. Signature

Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

(1891-1967). U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1934-1945. Son of Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Signature

Erica Morini

(1904-1995). Austrian-American violinist.

Erica Morini Signature

Rob Morrow

(1962-Alive). American actor. Known for role as Dr. Joel Fleischman on the television series Northern Exposure.

Rob Morrow Signature

Zero Mostel

(1915-1977). American film and stage actor. Born Samuel Joel Mostel. Known for his role as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. Blacklisted during the McCarthy era, but courageously defended himself and others in testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Zero Mostel Signature