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Christian Boehme Anfinsen

(1915-1995). Chemist. Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1972. Convert to Judaism.

Christian boehme Anfinsen Signature

Rabbi Marc Dwight Angel

Sephardic Orthodox Rabbi, Congregation Shearith Israel, New York, New York. President, Rabbinical Council of America.

Rabbi Marc Dwight Angel Signature

Walter Annenberg

(1908-2002). Publisher and philanthropist. U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, 1969-1974.

Walter Annenberg Signature

Herbert Aptheker

(1915-2003). Marxist historian. Member of the Communist Party, 1939-2003 (National Committee, 1957-1991).

Herbert Aptheker Signature

Hannah Blucher Arendt

(1906-1975). German philosopher and political theorist. Noted for her work on totalitarianism.

Hannah Blucher Arendt Signature

Meir Argov

(1905, Ukraine-November 24, 1963). Born Meir Grabovsky. Expelled from Soviet Union for Zionist activities, 1924. Member, Vaad Leummi, 1930. Secretary-General, World Zionist Labor Movement. Signer of the Declaration of Independence of Israel, 1948. Mapai Member of the Israeli Knesset, 1949-1963.

Meir Argov Signature

Adam Arkin

(1956-Alive). Actor. Son of Alan Arkin.

Adam Arkin Signature

Alan Arkin

(1934-Alive). Actor. Member, Tarriers folk singers. Father of Adam Arkin.

Alan Arkin Signature

David Aronberg

(May 4, 1971, Miami, Florida-Alive). Democratic Member, Florida State Senate, 2003-Current.

David Aronberg Signature

Stanley J. Aronoff

(June 8, 1932, Cincinnati, Ohio-Alive). Republican Member, Ohio House of Representatives, 1961-1967. Republican Member, Ohio State Senate, 1967-1997 (President, 1989-1997). Pleaded guilty to fee-pancaking in violation of state ethics laws, 1995, and sentenced to community service.

Stanley J. Aronoff Signature

Kenneth J. Arrow

(1921-Alive). Economist. Nobel Prize in Economics, 1972.

Kenneth J. Arrow Signature

Bea Arthur

(May 13, 1922, New York, New York-April 25, 2009, Los Angeles, California). born Bernice Frankel. Actress. Star of the television sitcom Maude.

Bea Arthur Signature