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Most Reverend Bishop Milan Sasik, CM

(September 17, 1952, Lechina, Slovakia-Alive). Ruthenian Catholic Bishop of Mukacheve, Ukraine, 2010-Current. Ordained Priest, Congregation of the Mission, Ruthenian Rite, Roman Catholic Church, June 6, 1976. Ruthenian Apostolic Administrator of Mukacheve, Ukraine, and Titual Bishop of Bononia, November 13, 2002-March 17, 2010. Ruthenian Bishop of Mukacheve, Ukraine, March 17, 2010-Current.

Bishop Milan Sasik Signature

Swami Sastrananda

(c. 1917-August 13, 2003, Bangalore, India). Hindu Swami. A senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order. Taught Vedantic Hinduism for 50 years. Retired to Vivekananda Ashram, Bangalore, India.

Swami Sastrananda Signature

Sri Swami Satchidananda

(December 22, 1914, Chettipalayamm, Coimbatore, India-August 19, 2002, Madras, India). Hindu Swami. Born Ramaswamy. Yoga Master. Disciple of Sivananda, who initiated him into the holy order of Sannyasa, July 10, 1949. Opened Divine Life Society ashram in Sri Lanka, 1953. Delivered opening address at the Woodstock Festival. Founder of Integral Yoga International, October 7, 1966. Spiritual Teacher, Yogaville, Virginia. Founder, Light of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS).

Swami Satchidananda Signature

His Eminence Francesco Cardinal Satolli

(July 21, 1839, Marsciano, Italy-January 8, 1910, Rome, Italy). Roman Catholic Apostolic Delegate to the United States, 1893-1896, and Vatican Official. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, June 14, 1862. President, Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy and Titular Archbishop of Naupactus, June 1, 1888-1891. Apostolic Delegate to the United States, January 14, 1893-1896. Elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals, November 29, 1895. Prefect of Studies, Vatican, July 21, 1897-January 8, 1910.

Francesco Cardinal Satolli Signature

His Eminence Joseph Asajiro Cardinal Satowaki

(February 1, 1904, Shittsu, Japan-August 8, 1996, Nagasaki, Japan). Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Nagasaki, Japan, 1968-1990. Ordained Priest, December 17, 1932. Apostolic Administrator of Taiwan, 1941-1945. Bishop of Kagoshima, Japan, February 25, 1955. Attended Vatican II Council, 1962-1965. Metropolitan Archbishop of Nagasaki, December 19, 1968. President, Episcopal Conference of Japan. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, June 30, 1979. Resigned as Archbishop, February 8, 1990.

Joseph Cardinal Satowaki Signature

Most Reverend Bishop John Steven Satterthwaite

(August 11, 1928, Sydney, Australia-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, 1971-2000. Ordained Priest, March 16, 1957. Co-Adjutor Bishop of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, March 6, 1969. Bishop of Lismore, September 1, 1971. Resigned as Bishop of Lismore, December 1, 2000.

Bishop John S. Satterthwaite Signature

Most Reverend Bishop Christopher Alan Saunders

(January 15, 1950, Melbourne, Australia-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Broome, Australia, 1995-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, August 28, 1976. Bishop of Broome, Australia, November 3, 1995-Current.

Bishop Christopher Alan Saunders Signature

Reverend Girolamo Savonarola

(September 21, 1452, Ferrara, Italy-May 23, 1498, Florence, Italy). Roman Catholic Preacher and Reformer. Joined Dominican Order, 1474. Settled in Florence, Italy, 1490. An inspiring preacher who denounced corruption and demanded justice for the poor. Considered a prophet by many. Encouraged Florentine citizens to found a republic based on intensely moral values. Excommunicated by Alexander VI and forbidden to preach, May 12, 1497. Demanded a General Council to depose the Pope. Challenged to an ordeal by fire by the Franciscans, but the fire was extinguished by rain, April 7, 1498. Eventually, the people of Florence turned against his austere regime. He was imprisoned, tortured, and hanged.

Savonarola Signature

Most Right Reverend Bishop Douglas Eugene Savoy

(May 11, 1927, Bellingham, Washington-September 11, 2007, Reno, Nevada). Head Bishop, International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent, 1971-2007. Ordained Minister, 1962. President, Jamilian University of the Ordained. Chancellor, Sacred College of Jamilian Theology. President, Advocates for Religious Rights and Freedoms. Chairman, World Council for Human Spiritual Rights. Teaches Cosolargy or True Religion, based on the Dead Sea scrolls and the teachings of the Essens and Jesus. Renowned explorer and researcher into ancient cultures. Prolific author. Lecturer. Founder, Andean Explorers Foundation and Ocean Sailing Club. Considered the real "Indiana Jones." Discovered Vilcabamba, an ancient Incan city in Peru, 1964-1965. Explored the coastline from Peru to Mesoamerica in a totora-reed craft he built, known as Kuviqu (or Feathered Serpent).

Bishop Eugene Savoy Signature