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Brother Roger of Taize

(May 12, 1915, Provence, Switzerland-August 16, 2005, Taize, France). Ecumenical Monk and Founder/Prior of the Taize Community, 1944-2005. Born Roger Louis Schultz-Marsauche. A Protestant, Brother Roger founded a quasi-monastic ecumenical community in Taize, France, 1944. His community grew to have world-wide influence. Author. Received Templeton Prize, 1974; UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, 1988; and Robert Schuman Prize, 1992. Stabbed to death in front of 2,500 pilgrims during evening prayer services, August 16, 2005. His assailant, Luminita Ruxandra Solcan, suffered from schizophrenia. Brother Roger is considered a saint by many of his followers.

Brother Roger of Taize Signature

Bishop William Richard "Bill" Rogers

(May 1, 1923, Rougemont, North Carolina-Alive). Bishop, Church of God. Baseball Umpire, Mountain State League, 1946-1948. Pastor, Churches of God in seven states. Bishop, Church of God, 1956-Current. Theocratic Party candidate for Vice President of the United States, 1964. Theocratic Party candidate for President of the United States, 1968 (Withdrew).

Bishop Bill Rogers Signature

Right Reverend Bishop Barry Rogerson

(July 25, 1936-Alive). Anglican Bishop of Bristol, England, 1985-2002. Ordained Priest, Anglican Church. First Bishop of Wolverhampton, England, 1979-1985. Bishop of Bristol, England, 1985-November, 2002.

Bishop Barry Rogerson Signature

His Eminence Cardinal Louis Rene Edouard, Prince de Rohan

(1734-1803). Roman Catholic Cardinal and Grand Almoner of France. French Ambassador to Austria, 1772-1774. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, 1778. Bishop of Strasbourg, France, March 11, 1779. Aroused the dislike of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and her daughter, French Queen Marie Antoinette. In an effort to curry Marie Antoinette's favor, he became involved in the "Diamond Necklace Affair." Thinking he was secretly procuring a necklace for the Queen, he was duped by impostors who stole the necklace and sold it in London. While he was acquitted of criminal misconduct, he lost his office as Grand Almoner and was banished from Paris. Elected to the States-General, 1789, but refused to sign the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, 1791. Lost the Diocese of Strasbourg through a restructuring of jurisdictions, April 29, 1802.

Cardinal and Prince Louis de Rohan Signature

Most Reverend Archbishop Andreas Rohracher

(May 31, 1892, Lienz, Austria-August 6, 1976, Salzburg, Austria). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Salzburg, Austria, 1943-1969. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, Gurk, Austria, May 25, 1915. Auxiliary Bishop of Gurk, Austria, and Titular Bishop of Isba, July 21, 1933. Archbishop of Salzburg, Austria, February 3, 1943-June 30, 1969. Titular Archbishop of Vibo, June 30, 1969-1970.

Archbishop Andreas Rohracher Signature

Most Reverend Bishop Stanley Roman

(June 4, 1941, Punalur, India-Alive). 13th Roman Catholic Bishop of Quilon, India. Ordained Priest, December 16, 1966. Rector, Carmelgiri Seminary. 13th Bishop of Quilon, India, October 16, 2001-Current.

Bishop Stanley Roman Signature

Right Reverend Lord Bishop Silvestre Donato Romero-Palma

(1944, Belize City, Belize-Alive). Anglican Bishop of Belize, 1994-2004. Born a Roman Catholic. Ordained Priest, Anglican Church, 1944. Assistant Rector, Holy Faith Episcopal Church, Inglewood, California. Bishop of Belize, Anglican Church, January 25, 1994-November 30, 2004. Interim Bishop of El Camino Real, California, 2004-Current.

Bishop Silvestre Donato Romero-Palma Signature

Most Reverend Bishop Pedro Luis Ronchino, S.D.B.

(June 18, 1928, Rosario, Argentina-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, 1993-Current. Ordained Priest, Salesians of Saint John Bosco, Roman Catholic Church, August 1, 1954. Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, January 30, 1993-Current.

Bishop Pedro Luis Ronchino Signature

His Eminence Clement-Emile Cardinal Roques

(December 8, 1880, Graulhet, France-September 4, 1964, Rennes, France). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Rennes, France, 1940-1964. Ordained Priest, April 2, 1904. Faculty and Superior, Seminary of Barral, Castres, France, 1904-1929. Bishop of Montauban, France, April 15, 1929. Metropolitan Archbishop of Aix, France, December 24, 1934. Bishop of Rennes, France, May 11, 1940. Elevated to College of Cardinals, February 18, 1946. Participated in Conclaves of 1958 and 1963. Attended first two sessions of Vatican II Council, 1962-1963.

Clement-Emile Cardinal Roques Signature