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Most Reverend Archbishop Joseph Mercieca

(November 11, 1928, Victoria, Malta-Alive). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Malta. Ordained Priest, March 8, 1952. Auxiliary Bishop of Malta, July 20, 1974. Archbishop of Malta, November 29, 1976-Current.

Archbishop Joseph Mercieca Signature

His Eminence Desire-Felicien-Francois-Joseph Cardinal Mercier

(November 21, 1851, Braine-l'Allend, Belgium-January 23, 1926, Mechlin, Belgium). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Mechlin, Belgium, 1906-1926. Ordained Priest, April 4, 1874. Faculty Member, University of Louvain, 1882-1891. President, Leon XIII Seminary, 1892-1906. Archbishop of Mechlin, Belgium, February 7, 1906. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, April 15, 1907. Participated in Conclaves of 1914 and 1922. Noted for organizing the "Mechlin Conversations" on the ecumenical reunion with Anglican leaders.

Desire-Felicien-Francois-Joseph Cardinal Mercier Signature

Reverend Thomas Merton

(January 31, 1915, Prades, France-December 10, 1968, Bangkok, Thailand). Roman Catholic Author and Trappist Monk. Worked in settlement house. Joined Trappist monastery, 1941. Master of Students and Novices, Abbey of Gethsemani, Trappist, Kentucky. Author and poet. His autobiography, The Seven Story Mountain (1948) became a classic. Accidentally electrocuted while attending a conference of Buddhist and Christian monks in Bangkok, Thailand. Considered a candidate for sainthood.

Reverend Thomas Merton Signature

HaRav Shalom Messas, ZT"L

(1913, Morocco-April 13, 2003, Jerusalem, Israel). Chief Rabbi of Morocco and Jerusalem. A Torah prodigy. Ordained Sephardic Jewish Rabbi. Chief Rabbi of Casablanca, 1949. Chief Rabbi of Morocco. Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Jerusalem, 1978-April 13, 2003. Head of Rabbinical Courts of Jerusalem. Father of Rabbi David Messas, Chief Rabbi of Paris. Cousin of Rabbi Yosef Messas, Chief Rabbi of Haifa. Author of numerous books, including Mizrach Shemesh (1930) and V'Cham HaShemesh (2003).

Rav Shalom Messas Signature

Bishop Mario Eusebio Mestril Vega

(March 5, 1940, Nuevitas, Cuba-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Ciego de Avila, Cuba, 1996-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, August 4, 1964. Auxiliary Bishop of Camaguey, Cuba, 1991-1996. Bishop of Ciego de Avila, Cuba, 1996-Current.

Bishop Mario Eusebio Mestril Vega Signature

Right Reverend Bishop Methodios

Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Aneon and Presiding Hierach/Bishop of Boston. Bishop Methodios Tournas has been the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Boston since 1984. He also carries the title of Metropolitan of Aneon.

Metropolitan Methodios Signature

Johann Baptist Metz

(1928-Alive). Roman Catholic Theologian. A major post-Vatican II German scholar, strongly influenced by Liberation Theology.

Johann Baptist Metz Signature

Deena Metzger

Shamanic Healer. Born Jewish. Author of Entering the Ghost River: Meditations on the Theory and Practice of Healing; The Other Hand; Tree: Essays and Pieces; and Writing for Your Life.. Storyteller. Therapist. Shamanic Healer. Poet. Playwright. Feminist philosopher. Introduced concept of Dare (meaning council in the Shona language of Zimbabwe) to North America. Conducts training programs on the spiritual, creative, political and ethical aspects of healing. Wife of Michael Ortiz Hill.

Deena Metzger Signature

Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger

(1953, Haifa, Israel-Alive). Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, 2003-Current. Ordained Rabbi. Captain and Chaplain, 7th Armored Brigade, Israel Defense Forces. Rabbi of Tiferet Zvi Synagogue, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Regional Rabbi of Northern Tel-Aviv. Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, April 14, 2003-Current. Accused of sexual misconduct with four men, c. 1998, April 25, 2003.

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger Signature

His Eminence Albert Gregory Cardinal Meyer

(March 9, 1903, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-April 7, 1965, Chicago, Illinois). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, Illinois, 1958-1965. Ordained Priest, July 11, 1926. Rector, St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1937-1946. Bishop of Superior, Wisconsin, February 18, 1946. Metropolitan Archbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 21, 1953. Metropolitan Archbishop of Chicago, Illinois, September 19, 1958. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, December 14, 1959. Attended three sessions of Vatican II Council, 1962-1964. Participated in Conclave of 1963.

Albert Cardinal Meyer Signature