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His Holiness Pope John XXIII

(November 25, 1881, Sotto il Monte, Italy-June 3, 1963, Rome, Italy). 260th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, 1958-1963. Born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. Ordained Priest, August 10, 1904. Titular Archbishop of Areopolis and Apostolic Visitor to Bulgaria, March, 1925-1935. Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece, 1935-1944. Apostolic Nuncio to France, December 22, 1944-1953. First Permanent Observer of the Holy See to UNESCO, 1952-1953. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, January 12, 1953. Patriarch of Venice, January 15, 1953. Elected 260th Pope and Bishop of Rome, October 28, 1958. Convened Vatican II Council, 1962-1965. Advocated "aggiornamento" (updating) of the Church. Noted progressive and ecumenist. Chosen as a "transitional" Pope at age 78, but surprised everyone with the vigor of his pontificate. Considered by many to be a future saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope John XXIII Signature

Signed as Angelo Cardinal Roncalli.

Most Reverend Metropolitan and Archbishop Brother John-Charles, F.D.O.C.

Metropolitan and Archbishop, Original Province, Anglican Catholic Church. Born John Charldes Vockler. Ordained Priest, Church of England in Australia, New South Wales, Australia, 1948. Member, Oratory of the Good Shepherd. Assistant Bishop of Adelaide, Australia, Anglican Church of Australia, November 30, 1959. Bishop of Polynesia, 1961. Professed vows as a Franciscan friar. Moved to England and joined the Society of Saint Francis as Brother John-Charles. Founder and Minister General, Franciscan Order of Divine Compassion, 1991. Assistant Bishop, Episcopal Church, Quincy, Illinois. Received into the Anglican Catholic Church, 1994. Assistant Missionary Bishop in Australia. Archbishop of New Orleans, Louisiana, 2001. Fifth Metropolitan of the Original Province, Anglican Catholic Church, October, 2001-Current. Episcopal Visitor, Diocese of the Pacific and Southwest, August, 2001-Current. Author.

Metropolitan Brother John-Charles Signature

St. John of the Cross

(June 24, 1542, Fontiveros, Spain-December 14, 1591, Ubeda, Spain). Roman Catholic Saint and Founder, Reformed Discalced Order. Born Juan de Yepez y Alvarez. Joined Carmelites, 1563. Ordained Priest, 1567. Joined Discalced Order of Friars. Master, Discalced Carmelite College, 1571-1572. Spiritual Adviser to Teresa of Avila. Imprisoned for 9 months by opponents of reform, but escaped. Rector of College at Beza, then Prior of Granada and Segovia (1588-1591). Banished to Andalusia. Noted as a mystical poet and devotional writer. Author of The Dark Night of the Soul, The Spiritual Canticle, and The Living Flame of Love. Canonized Saint of the Roman Catholic Church, 1726. Named a Doctor of the Church, 1926.

St. John of the Cross Signature

His Eminence Metropolitan John of Finland

(August 16, 1923, Turku, Finland-Alive). Orthodox Metropolitan and Archbishop of Karelia and All Finland, 1987-2001. Teacher, 1950-1967. Ordained Priest, Orthodox Church, 1967. Took monastic vows, 1967. Archimandrite, 1967. Bishop of Lapland, Finland, May, 1969. Bishop of Helsinki, Finland, August, 1970. Metropolitan of Helsinki, February 1, 1971. Archbishop of Karelia and Metropolitan of All Finland, October 15, 1987. Retired, October 1, 2001. Named Titular Metropolitan of Nicaea, October 4, 2001. Angered the Russian Orthodox Church when he agreed to administer the Estonian Orthodox Church during its transition to autocephalous status.

Metropolitan John of Finland Signature

Signed as Metropolitan John of Nicaea,

Saint John of God

(March 8, 1495, Montemoro Novo, Evora, Portugal-March 8, 1550). Roman Catholic Saint. Born John Ciudad. Suffered from mental problems. Soldier. Friend of Saint John of Avila. Gave up military life and began carring for the sick, poor, and homeless. Founder, Order of Charity and Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of God. Died from illness brought on when he plunged into a river to save a drowning boy. Canonized, October 16, 1690. Feast Day, March 8th.

Saint John of God Signature

His Holiness Pope John Paul I

(October 17, 1912, Forno di Canale, Italy-September 28, 1978, Rome, Italy). 262nd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, 1978. Born Albino Luciani. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, July 7, 1935. Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, Italy, December 15, 1958. Archbishop and Patriarch of Venice, Italy, December 15, 1969. Elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals, March 5, 1973. Elected 262nd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and Bishop of Rome, Italy, August 26-September 28, 1978. First Pope to bear two names. His pontificate was the shortest since Leo XI in April, 1605.

Pope John Paul I Signature # 1

Signed as Albino Cardinal Luciani

Pope John Paul I Signature # 2

Signed as Albino Cardinal Luciani

His Holiness Pope John Paul II

(May 18, 1920, Wadowice, Poland-April 2, 2005, Vatican City, Vatican City State). 263rd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, 1978-2005. Born Karol Wojtyla. Ordained Priest, November 1, 1946. Professor of Ethics, Catholic University of Lublin, 1954-1958. Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow, Poland, September 28, 1958. Archbishop of Krakow, January 13, 1964. Attended all sessions of the Vatican II Council, 1962-1965. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, June 26, 1967. Elected 263rd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and Bishop of rome, October 16, 1978-April 2, 2005. John Paul II was the first non-Italian Pope since Adrian VI (1522-1523) and the first Polish Pope. He was noted for his wide travels, his conservative theology and defense of orthodox Catholic traditions, and his warm persona.

Pope John Paul II Signature # 1

Signed as Karol Cardinal Wojtyla

Pope John Paul II Signature # 2

Signed as Pope